Branding and Marketing Communications

The foundation of every strong brand is trustworthiness. Trust is born from shared values, communication and referrals. In a fragmented media world, your story needs to be delivered to the right people through the right channels to create positive resonance and lead to the desired results. Dalton’s versatile experience in creating messages, content and stories will help take your brand to a new level.

Event Communication

In cooperation with good partners, we help to conceptualize, plan and implement various events, from quiet presentations to spectacular galas. With skilled communication, we help to create something more from each event than just the space can hold.

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication does not only mean 24/7 availability and action when a crisis really hits. This preparation is much more, from mapping possible risks to practicing situations. A natural part of effective resolution is possible damage to reputation and restoration of trust after a negative incident.


During lobbying, you will be represented by a professional representative in target groups that may be difficult to reach, be they politics, culture, business or another sector. By using direct contacts, you can get your messages to the right place. Every person is five phone calls away.

Industry Specific Communication

Communication is often thought of externally, but communication specific to the industry is often not known. Dalton has successfully managed to represent companies in complex areas where it is important to reach a very precise audience, using specifically targeted communication. Whether these fields are medicine, education, telecommunications, energy, transport, Startups and others.

Social and Digital Media Solutions

The media consumer lives on multiple platforms at the same time. They absorb information from different sized screens and printed materials in pictures, videos and text. They are in an endless media noise. Dalton offers tailor-made social and digital media solutions, from video broadcasts to social media campaigns, based on the brand’s story and company goals.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a combination of great journalistic content and highly targeted advertising. This is an opportunity to tell your story in an attractive way, in the channel where your customer expects it the most and where it speaks to him the most. But speaking must be consistent on the one hand and surprising on the other. Otherwise, it becomes annoying. That doesn’t happen with Dalton.

International Cooperation

In cooperation with good partners in Latvia and Lithuania, we offer high-quality communication services in all Baltic countries. Whether it’s an activity, a campaign, entering the market or something else, you will be successful with Dalton.