You have a story worth telling. Tell it so that people really hear and listen to it. Tell it so that people understand. So that your story becomes a part of their story.

An attractive and balanced story is the key to the communication of modern brands. Our goal is to find the point and the value of the story, and to tell it in a genuine way, sparking interest in your brand.

We are bold and creative, but we understand the importance of traditions. We keep up with the times and relay your ideas and story to the right people. The story of your brand does not need definite communication through newspapers or TV. People need to tell it. This is precisely why our approach is successful.

Your people wait for your story. Let’s begin!

Creative Union

Communications agency Dalton belongs to the 100-member-family of Creative Union, the largest creative campus in Estonia. This family unites the brightest marketing, communication, design, and advertising talents in Estonia.

A team consisting of wise and clever people can cope with any task. We know it from our own experience.

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Brand and Marketing Communication

Every strong brand springs from trust. Trust arises from common values, communication, and recommendations. In the fragmented media world, your story needs to reach the right people through the right channels, in order for it to bring about positive resonance and lead to the desired results. Dalton’s comprehensive experience in creation of messages, content, and stories supports bringing your brand to a new level.

Media Relations

A tremendous amount of information reaches people through their friends, but the media still holds the key role in formation of public opinion. Because of this, it is important that journalists understand your essence, objectives, and activities. In communication with the media, we will assist you in finding an angle, person, or perspective rendering your interview, article, opinion, or other story valuable for the readers and yourself.

Strategic Counselling

According to a classic quote, tactics win battles and strategy wins wars. In everyday counselling activities, we strive towards finding the best solution for every problem in a manner ensuring optimal results in the short-term and long-term perspectives alike. Proceeding from this, we prepare communication plans and strategies, engage in auditing and counselling with respect to positioning of the brand or products and services offered.

Event Communication

In co-operation with our good partners, we help to develop, plan, and implement various events from discreet presentations to grandiose galas. Supported by skilful communication, we are capable of making every event something more than could be expected based on the circumstances alone.

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication is not just about 24/7 availability and actions taken after the actual onset of the crisis. Much more so, it is about preparations, from mapping of possible risks to crisis management training. A natural part of efficient resolution is suppression of possible reputational damage and restoration of trust after a negative event.


A professional representative is at your service in target groups notoriously difficult to reach, such as politics, culture, business, etc. Direct contacts deliver your messages to the right places. Any person is five phone calls away.

Area-specific Communication

In many cases, communication is perceived as outwards directed, while area-specific communication remains out of reach. Dalton has successfully represented companies in complicated areas, where precisely targeted communication is paramount upon reaching the right audience. The areas covered include medicine, education, telecommunications, power engineering, transport, start-ups, etc.

Social and Digital Media Solutions

A modern media consumer lives on several platforms at the same time. The consumer ingests information from screens of various size and printed materials, images, videos, and texts. The consumer exists in a limitless media environment. Dalton offers tailored social and digital media solutions from video transmissions to social media campaigns, proceeding from the story of the brand and the goals of the company.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a combination of excellent journalistic content and pinpointed advertising. It is an option for telling your story in a fascinating manner using the channel closest to the heart and mind of your customer. However, the communication must be systematic and surprising at the same time. Otherwise, boredom will ensue. This will not be the case with Dalton.

International Co-operation

In co-operation with our good partners in Latvia and Lithuania, we offer high-quality communications services in all Baltic countries. Whenever you need assistance with arrangement of a single event, campaign, entry to the market or anything else south of the border, co-operation with Dalton will bring you success.


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